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10/29/13 BPM Partners Announces Record Levels of Vendor Satisfaction - Press Release
04/12/12 BPM Partners Opens Registration for Annual Pulse Webcast - Press Release
01/10/12 BPM Partners Delivers New Online Resource: PerformancePlace - Press Release
12/25/11 BPM Pulse 2012: Budgeting, Reporting, Collaboration, Cloud - Press Release
09/14/11 A Decade of BPM Evolution Drives Business Transformation - Press Release
08/15/11 BPM Partners 2011 Pulse: Reporting Still Broken - Press Release
07/25/11 BPM Partners Offers Free Vendor Snapshots - Press Release
04/04/11 BPM Partners Continues Momentum, Shares Holy Grail Roadmap - Press Release
02/23/11 The BPM Holy Grail: Unified Business Performance Management - Press Release
01/06/11 BPM Partners Launches Free Vendor Selection Service - Press Release
11/29/10 BPM Pulse 2011 Launched, Seeks the Holy Grail of BPM - Press Release
07/20/10 Research Shows Shifting Customer Satisfaction Levels - Press Release
07/07/10 BPM Key to Managing Through the Recovery - Press Release
01/13/10 BudgetLock Plus Eliminates Budget Overruns and BPM Surprises - Press Release
11/16/09 BPM Pulse 2010 Launched with Emphasis on Project Budgets - Press Release
09/08/09 Midmarket Sees Benefits in Moving from Spreadsheet Budgeting - Press Release
06/23/09 2009 BPM Pulse Survey: In Tough Times Executives Need BPM - Press Release
11/21/08 BPM Partners Releases BPM Market Landscape - Press Release
11/19/08 Craig Schiff Speaks to SkyRadio About BPM in a Volatile Economy - Podcast
08/20/08 BPM Partners Names Innovators - Article
04/28/08 Industry Veteran Joins BPM Partners Team - Press Release
02/06/08 BPM Partners Launches Targeted BPM Solutions - Press Release
08/02/07 BPM Partners Realizes Record Growth - Press Release
05/04/07 BPM Partners Forms Alliance with The OLAP Report - Press Release
01/10/07 Corporate Standardization Driving BPM Adoption - Press Release
12/11/06 BPM Benchmark Study: Finance Falls Short - Press Release
10/31/06 BPM Partners Embarks on BPM 2.0 Campaign - Press Release
10/25/06 BPM Partners Launches BPM Pulse 2007 - Press Release
07/27/06 BPM Partners Tops 100th Client Engagement - Press Release
03/07/06 BPM Partners Named 2006 Consulting Jewel - Press Release
03/01/06 BPM Pulse Survey 2006 Results Released - Press Release
12/22/05 BPM Partners Opens 2006 BPM Pulse Industry Survey - Press Release
10/26/05 BPM Partners Opens Offices in Singapore and Shanghai - Press Release
08/29/05 BPM Blog and BPM Expert Channel Launched - Press Release
05/17/05 BPM Partners Accelerates Growth As Demand Increases - Press Release
03/08/05 BPM Partners Releases 2005 Pulse of Performance Management - Press Release
02/24/05 BPM Partners and Stratature: Enterprise Dimension Management - Press Release
02/10/05 BPM Partners Assembles Largest Performance Consulting Team - Press Release
10/19/04 BPM Partners Launches New Financial Services Dashboard - Press Release
10/06/04 Cheers or Jeers for Performance Management Industry? - Press Release
09/28/04 BPM Implementations on the Rise - Press Release
09/27/04 BPM Tools Help Improve Measures for Healthcare Organizations - Press Release
09/24/04 BPM Standards Group to Preview BPM Framework - Press Release
09/13/04 BPM Partners Leading Choice for Driving BPM Success - Press Release
09/08/04 BPM Suitable for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises - Press Release
07/19/04 BPM Partners Continues Global Expansion with Australian Office - Press Release
06/21/04 BPM Partners Ships New Healthcare Industry-Specific Dashboard - Press Release
06/08/04 BPM Standards Group Prompts Outpouring of Support - Press Release
06/03/04 BPM Partners and Nucleus Research Announce Partnership - Press Release
05/04/04 BPM Partners Expands the BPM Implementation Alliance - Press Release
04/22/04 BPM Partners Shares Best Practices at Conferences Across U.S. - Press Release
03/25/04 Industry Leaders Form BPM Standards Group - Press Release
03/15/04 CGG(Paris) Selects BPM Partners Audit and Roadmap Workshop - Press Release
03/08/04 BPM Partners Expands Globally - Press Release
02/23/04 BPM Partners Creates the BPM Implementation Alliance - Press Release
02/09/04 BPM Partners Enhances Vendor Selection Process - Press Release
01/28/04 BPM Partners Speaks on Career Benefits for BPM Champions - Press Release
12/02/03 BPM Partners Previews Industry-Specific Dashboards - Press Release
12/02/03 Schiff Delivers Chair Address at DCI Conference - Press Release
11/25/03 BPM Forum Joins Forces with BPM Partners - Press Release
11/10/03 BPM Partners Unveils Pulse of Performance Management Market - Press Release
11/03/03 Executives Continue to Question the Integrity of Financial Data - Press Release
10/24/03 Schiff to Articulate the Benefits and Dispel the Myths of BPM - Press Release
10/01/03 Schiff to Facilitate BPM Benefits Discussion at BPM Summit - Press Release
08/27/03 DMReview Adds New Expert Columnists - Press Release
06/03/03 BPM Magazine Launches - Press Release
03/13/03 BPM.Xpo - Press Release
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