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Our Clients:

"We found BPM Partners' independent, in-depth knowledge of the various vendor product's strengths, weaknesses and unique features to be extremely valuable.  That knowledge enabled us to quickly and effectively pare down the vast array of BPM vendors to a core subset that fit our business needs.  In addition, given our tight timeframe for making a selection, it was nice to have an intermediary between us and the vendors coordinating the most efficient evaluation process, including vendor demonstrations, proposals and other communications.  BPM Partners was a great asset to our BPM vendor selection efforts."

Russell Sinco
Vice President
Special Projects

"BPM Partners gave us exactly what we were looking for, and provided a valuable level of BPM expertise that companies just do not have internally."

Amanda Hutchins
Finance Manager



"BPM Partners provided the guidance and structure needed for us to feel confident we came to the right conclusion for our company."

Jep Larkin
Senior Vice President and Controller

Capital City Bank

"We found BPM Partners' established processes, procedures and guidelines very beneficial in bringing all the variables of our project together. In addition, as the project progressed we appreciated how they provided direction and feedback along the way, but then stood back and allowed us to make the final decisions. They were a great value for the money."
Robert Reany
Business Analyst
Carlisle Leasing International
"We started our project on our own, looking at several vendors over a 4-5 month period.  At the end, we would have likely chosen the vendor based upon cost and our preference for the sales representative.  At that point, we engaged BPM Partners and their expert consultant opened our eyes to different vendors, guided us through an efficient process to crystallize our business requirements, and helped us choose the best solution that aligned
with our business needs over a short time frame - keeping price and sales relationships as secondary considerations.  I am confident that if we would have engaged BPM Partners earlier, we would have selected our optimal BPM vendor faster and with greater confidence that we were making the right decision for our business."
John Buraczyk
IT Director
CF Jordan
"The two-day BPM Partners workshop enabled us to jump start our KPI dashboard development project. Working in partnership with BPM Partners experts we were able to ensure that we developed a thorough understanding of end-users needs and expectations, allowing us to build buy-in at an early stage and undertake a more efficient vendor selection and implementation process, thereby reducing risks for the project."
Alan Clint
Corporate Performance Manager
CGG Services
"The support and guidance BPM Partners provided to reinforce the value of BPM and keep everyone focused on key issues was important to us. In addition, the knowledge they shared during Engagement Management about how to bring the best resources to bear on our project helped maintain project momentum and minimize rework."
Ray Andrews
Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer
Checkpoint Systems, Inc.
"One of the key benefits BPM Partners brought to the table was assisting us in fleshing out our Proof of Concept.  We also found having an external expert communicate with the vendors to be quite valuable.  In the end BPM Partners helped us to accomplish our objective of choosing the best vendor to meet our needs."
Felicia Levy
Planning Manager
"The personnel from BPM Partners were flexible, accommodating, timely and provided just the right level of support. They were also a good value for the money."

Sujay Nelson

IS Manager, Business Solutions Team - Finance

The Dannon Company

"Ultimately we got more than we expected and the benefit we received from your services greatly outweighed the cost. BPM Partners proved invaluable in getting our project on track, moving in the right direction, and completed."
Jim Adamson
Manager Budget & Forecast
Dassault Falcon Jet
"The fact that BPM Partners brought a vendor to the table that we didn't know about, which ultimately met both our business and financial needs more closely than the options we were previously considering, was a big plus."

Alex Calder

Corporate Controller

DATA Communications Management Corp.

"BPM Partners provided outstanding service and I only wish we had found them sooner!"

Mike Davis

Direct of Health System Finances

Green Mountain Care Board

"BPM Partners provided  structured processes, tools, contacts, expertise and insight into the vendors that we didn't have in house. Their guidance and processes were tremendously valuable in achieving a decision that all of our key stakeholders could own."
Mark Alan Buechler
Vice President - Financial Reporting
HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc
"We had an aggressive timeline, which without the help from BPM Partners we may not have been able to meet. BPM Partners provided the expert guidance, structured processes, and valuable vendor insights and relationships we needed to meet our timeline and feel confident with the end result ."

Roger Reiling
Vice President and Controller
Johnson Financial Group

"BPM Partners further educated us on the budgeting market, vendors and their offerings, so that we could take a huge list of options and confidently choose the right package for Latham & Watkins."

David Socher
Latham & Watkins

"During our initial meetings, BPM Partners invested the right amount of time to learn the details of our business.  This understanding helped make the overall project extremely productive.  With the services provided by BPM Partners, we are confident that we arrived at a faster conclusion of our BPM initiative than if we had done it alone."

Christine Torraca
Director of Informatics
Martin's Point Health Care


"As we started considering performance management alternatives, our main concern was to identify the key questions that would help us answer the question, ‘what don't we know?’, about certain technology solutions.  BPM Partners was able to educate our team to ensure we had the necessary knowledge and process to choose the right solution for our company.  In addition, the guidance and assistance BPM Partners provided helped us develop a negotiation strategy that secured pricing with the vendor that we would not have been able to obtain ourselves.  This savings more than paid for BPM Partners’ services.  Overall we are a very satisfied customer."

Troy Angst
Director, Financial Reporting and Analysis
Meridian Lightweight Technologies, Inc.

"Without expert help from BPM Partners, we would have had difficulty arriving at the right vendor to suit our needs. We realized that we were making a 'once in a decade' choice - with the money and effort we were planning to invest, we could not afford a misstep."

Robert Tonsmeire
Vice President - Finance

"Novamex worked with, but did not hand over the reins to the consultant. In fact, our staff became more involved in the project. By following the structured approach BPM Partners recommended for evaluating software vendors, however, it freed up our time. The product demonstrations, for instance, became more focused on our business because the consultant helped us work out specific guidelines for the vendors."

Karla Legaspy
Cost and Budget Analyst


Read the Novamex case study

"One of the main strengths BPM Partners brought to the project was their depth of business performance management expertise."

Stephen Garcia
Vice President - Finance
Obagi Medical Products, Inc.

"We appreciated the fact that there was one senior consultant to deal with and not an army of consultants. In addition, the level of access and speed of response received from BPM Partners on general or very specific questions or concerns was very beneficial to us."
Leisel Davis-Seepaul
Manager, Management Reporting & Planning
Republic Bank Limited (Trinidad and Tobago)
"BPM Partners' objectivity, analysis capabilities and ability to quickly grasp our business helped ensure we made an informed vendor decision based on our unique business requirements. Benefiting from their domain expertise, vendor experience, and decision process templates clearly put us on the right track."

Scott May
Assistant Controller
The Schwan Food Company

"BPM Partners skillfully guided our discussions regarding our business requirements and their knowledge of the space was invaluable saving us a great deal of time "
Joanne Diaz
Senior Director, Financial Reporting
Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
"BPM Partners' resources allowed us to evaluate a larger range of vendors than we could have solely using our internal staff.  Their methodology helped us to quickly identify the software vendors with the best fit for our requirements."
Rich Peavler
Manager, Planning and Reporting

"BPM Partners helped us develop detailed requirements and orchestrate a process that enabled us to validate the vendors we were looking at, as well as assist us in obtaining a significantly better price from our vendor of choice than previously offered."

Norm Sturdevant

Vice President - IT North America

Xerium Technologies

The Media:

" I chose to work with BPM Partners because of their depth of knowledge and experience in this market. But what was most important to me was their objectivity and independence. As their business model is not compromised by software vendors' commissions or finders fees, BPM Partners was a more credible source of information for our readers. Simply put, BPM Partners has been very good to work with. They've handled our projects professionally and responsibly. They respect deadlines and the quality of their work is top-notch ."

David Blansfield
Former Publisher
Business Finance Magazine
Penton Media

" The business community needs experienced resources to help it make critical decisions on how to choose and implement a successful BPM application. We are firm believers in tapping the industry's top experts and providing them with a forum to communicate their insights and expertise directly to corporate executives, management and IT staff. This is why our magazine includes regular columns provided by industry authorities like Craig Schiff and why we invited him to speak to attendees at the BrainStorm/ DM Review Business Intelligence Seminar."

Ron Powell
Former Publisher and Editorial Director
DMReview (now Information Management)
Thomson Media

" BPM Partners is careful to observe strict vendor neutrality. The firm eschews traditional vendor partnerships and the finder's fees that go along with them; rather, Schiff asks vendors he recommends to apply that fee toward a software discount for the client."

Justin Kestelyn
Former Editor-in-Chief
Intelligent Enterprise
CMP Media

" Supply and Demand Chain Executive honors the practitioners, analysts, and providers that have proven to be 2004's thought leaders. These individuals will assuredly lead the industry to the next level in 2004. Craig Schiff of BPM Partners, a 2004 Analyst Pro to Know, is a frequent writer and expert speaker on the topic of business performance management and was recently chosen as the conference chair for DCI's Performance Management Conference. He and his company regularly conduct surveys on business performance management and educate according to their findings."

Andrew K. Reese
Sarah Murray

Pros to Know
Supply and Demand Chain Executive
Cygnus Business Media

The Vendor Community:
"As business leaders pursue best-in-class performance with renewed vigor, they are looking to enterprise information technology systems to help them establish repeatable and predictable processes for managing performance. With enterprises around the world adopting corporate performance management, we will continue to direct our products, support, and services toward helping our customers deliver on its promise. We will look to BPM Partners to play a critical role in helping companies articulate their requirements, evaluate, and select the appropriate performance management solution to achieve their corporate-wide goals."

Michael Morrison
Former Vice President
North American Enterprise Planning
and Financial Applications
Cognos (now IBM)

"Geac is pleased that an unbiased resource like BPM Partners is now available to help enterprises select, implement and leverage business performance management (BPM) solutions. Like Geac, BPM Partners concentrates exclusively on the performance management space and is dedicated to helping customers realize the full value of their BPM investments for planning, budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, management reporting, and analysis."

Rod Radojevic
Former Director, Product Management
Geac (now Infor)

"Due to the regulatory and competitive pressures of today's market, many companies have decided that implementing an effective business performance management solution is essential to their survival and success.  BPM Partners provides a valuable service that helps companies determine their business requirements and select the appropriate performance management solution that will best match with their business needs."

John O'Rourke
Former Sr. Director, Product Marketing
Hyperion Solutions (now Oracle)

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