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2009 BPM Vendor Review: articlePDF | webcast | guide
Watch Your Step - The Perilous Path to BPM: article | video | podcast
How to Avoid Being One of the BPM Deprived: article
PerformancePoint is Gone, Now What: blog
What's Ahead for BPM in 2009: article
BPM in Today's Economy: blog | podcast
Steps to IFRS Readiness: whitepaper | webcast
Time for A Change: article | blog
Watch Your Step - The Perilous Path to BPM: How to address key challenges
New Rules for Performance Management, Part I: IFRS impact overview
New Rules for Performance Management, Part II: IFRS impact details
Requirements for Budgeting and Planning: Finding the right technology for your needs
Three Things You Should Know About Dashboards
Time for A Change?
Develop a Performance Management Roadmap
Danger, BPM Ahead, Part I
Danger, BPM Ahead, Part II
First Results from BPM Pulse 2008
The Core Performance Management Vendors for 2008
How to Select A Performance Management Solution, Part I
The New SAP: Tough Decisions Being Made
Developing a BPM Dashboard (PDF)
Best and Worst of Performance Management in 2007
CFO Advisory: Keeping Pace with the BPM Vendor Shuffle
BPM Today: The Status of Customers, Vendors, and Consultants
IT vs. Finance
Fact vs. Fiction in Performance Management
The Core BPM Vendors for 2007
Performance Management Success
Bridging Strategy and Technology
Predictive Analytics Meets BPM
High Risk Vendor Tactics
The Basics of BPM
2007 BPM Software Buyer's Guide To create your personal short-list go here
BPM 2.0 - The Next Generation of Performance Management
Operational Analytics - A Key Element of BPM 2.0
Business Intelligence and BPM - A Marriage Made in Heaven?
Update on Hyperion Enterprise and System 9
Data Management Alphabet Soup
Five Key Takeaways from the 2006 BPM Pulse Survey
BPM101: Dashboards
Measuring Up: Performance Beyond the Balance Sheet
Practical Lessons To Ensure BPM Success
The Essential Elements of Predictive Analytics
Performance Management: Build Vs. Buy
Warming Up to Performance Dashboards
A Key Ingredient for BPM Success
Key Steps in Selecting A Business Performance Management Vendor
2006 Performance Management Survey Results
Performance Management on the Back Burner
BPM - A Competitive Weapon
From Performance Management to Process
Choosing the BPM Consultant
The Latest Trends in BPM
BPM: How Market Trends Shape Buying Decisions
Are KPIs Worth the Trouble?
The Consulting Pendulum
Common Performance Management Pitfalls
Don't Underestimate the Potential of BPM
What are Performance Dashboards?
BPM Summit: Business Over Technology
Avoid EIS Syndrome: Make Your Dashboards Actionable
Consolidation Trends and Implications
Smart Companies, Foolish Choices
Time for Hosted BPM?
Business Performance Management Dashboards
Financial Consolidations: The Missing Piece in SOX Sustainability
Entrenched, But Not Embraced
BPM - What are the Real Benefits?
The Fight with Finance
Less is More (Management Reports, Metrics ...)
Companies Now Choosing BPM with Growth Path in Mind
Solutions for Supply Chain Woes
Stuck in Neutral: 2005 Budgeting and Reforecasting Survey
Business Objects/SRC: Reasons, Results, Ramifications
What's in a Name: CPM vs. BPM vs. EPM
BPM in Insurance: Taking the Risk Out of the Risk Business
Best of Breed Strengthens Its Hold
Cultural Readiness for BPM
Another Look at KPIs
Budgeting in the Real World
BPM Goes Vertical
Why Real Companies Choose BPM: Budgeting and Planning
BPM and Enterprise Dimension Management
Six Steps to Improving Budgeting and Planning
Best Practices in BPM - Key Steps to Success
You Can't Improve What You Can't Measure
The Pulse of BPM Strong, with Opportunities to Get Stronger
BPM - What are the Real Benefits
BPM Pulse Survey Results
Forward-Thinking BPM
IT Readiness for Performance Management
Enterprise Planning - Get a Single View of the Future
Beyond the Hype 2005: Review of 16 BPM Vendors
Standard Setters: Driving Improvements in Business Performance
IT, Compliance, and Performance Management
Five BPM Mistakes to Avoid, Part II
Progress in BPM Breeds Complexity
Balanced Forecasts Drive Value
Rethinking Activity-Based Costing
Five BPM Mistakes to Avoid, Part I
BPM for Financial Institutions
In the Fast Lane with Budgeting and Planning
The Strategic Evolution of Finance
Do Scorecards Deliver Value?
Metrics Development: Taking it From the Top
Shocking Failure Rates
Getting a Grip on Performance (includes a Buyers Guide)
Real-World BPM: Implementation
Real-World BPM: Vendor Selection
Breaking Down Silos With BPM
Navigating the Road to KPI Success
Sarbanes-Oxley and BPM: Selecting Software that Will Enhance Compliance
Stand by Me - Finance and IT Working Together
Don't Forget the Data: Keeping the Right Focus in Consolidation and Reporting
Leverage Existing Systems for BPM Benefits Now
BPM Strengthens Tax Consolidation
BPM Has ROI Priority
BI Today: One Version of the Truth
The Reality of Real-Time Reporting
Navigating the Road to KPI Success
How to Sell Employees on the Balanced Scorecard (PDF)
Enriched Performance Data
Shores Apart Without BPM (PDF)
When Do Companies Outgrow Their Spreadsheets
Why Should Management Accountants Care About XBRL (PDF)
Industry Dashboards to the Rescue
Spreadsheet Hell
BPM: The Road Ahead
The Two BPMs: Process vs. Performance
Emerging BPM Standards
Sarbox Costs Unpredictable, Still Rising
The Real ROI from Hyperion and Cognos
Performance Management's Growing Pains
Mapping Your Corporate Strategy
BPM Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them
Budgeting: Needed Like a Hole in the Head
How the Right Software Can Help Your Company Comply
KPIs vs. Metrics
BPM Implementation: Don't Let Failure be an Option
BPM: First Movers Speak Out
Best Practices in BPM
Scorecards vs. Dashboards
Engagement Management: Key to Implementation Success
Best Practices for Benchmarking
Why Procurement is Ripe for BPM
Excel and Excel-less BPM for the Mid-market
Vendor Selection: A Choice with Long-Term Impact
BPM Drives CFO Transformation
See it Now - Dashboards and Scorecards
They Might be Giants - Status of the Big Four
Managing for the Next Quarter (Century)
BPM Project Kickoff: Look Internally First
BPM Grows Up
A Better View of Business Finance
How to Improve Performance Management
BPM Scales New Heights
Getting Started: The BPM Project Life Cycle
A CFO's Perspective on BPM
BPM Rollouts that Hit the Mark
BI/BPM and Zero Latency
BPM - The Real Benefits Part III
BPM - The Real Benefits Part II
Why Budgeting Kills Your Company
More Expansive, Less Expensive BI
Ironclad Data and BPM
BPM - The Real Benefits
Key Steps to Improving Performance Management
85% to Have BPM Initiatives by End of 2004
BI/BPM Product Guide 2003 (PDF)
BPM Vision - for the Small to Mid-size Enterprise
Taking Performance Management to the Next Level (PDF)
BPM is Coming ...and It's Not Just Hype
The Case Against Budgeting
Doing BPM Right
Sarboxing - Using Software to Comply with Sect. 404
Overview of Performance Management
Strategic Planning meets BPM
Delivering KPIs
BI and Six Sigma
5 Moves toward Better BPM
Real-Time BPM
Predictive Modeling and Scenario-Based Planning
From Fast Close to Fast Forward
Looking Within - BI Tools and Company Performance
Leveraging BPM for Business Excellence
Partial Clearing: Budgeting software and Sarbanes-Oxley
8 Way to Take Control of Budgeting and Forecasting
Cognos to Buy Adaytum - Analysis
BPM: Plan Globally, Act Locally - META Group
Business Intelligence ROI
Implementing Strategy with the Balanced Scorecard
The Right BI Tools for the Job
Decision Support: BPM Five Easy Pieces
Business Planning or Business Performance Management
Performance Management Beyond Budgeting
Analyze This - BI and Executive Dashboards
What's Next for Business Intelligence
Update on Balanced Scorecards
Buyer's Guide to Business Intelligence

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