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Learn about performance management from the experts at BPM Partners. BPM Partners is sponsoring, co-producing, or speaking at the following events.

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None currently scheduled. Check here for upcoming 2016/2017 webcasts.


Making the Most of Performance Management

Recorded: September 2009

Duration: 66 minutes

Size: 30.2 MB

Craig Schiff of BPM Partners, Howard Dresner (formerly of Gartner), and Sanjay Poonen of SAP discuss how to integrate BPM/CPM and BI; why incentives are always key to success; best practices for achieving alignment; which KPIs to monitor, and how to modify them over time; where to look internally for ideas. This DMRadio archived event will show you how Performance Management can be tied to Business Intelligence to reap positive rewards. This show can be replayed or downloaded after free registration.

SkyRadio Interview with Craig Schiff

Recorded: November 2008

Duration: 3 minutes

Size: 1.37 MB

Craig Schiff describes the components and benefits of Business Performance Management, its' increased value in a volatile economy, and best practices to make sure you do BPM right. You can play the podcast directly or 'right-click, save target as ...'

BPM at Risk: How to Increase Your Odds of Success

Recorded: October 2008

Duration: 52minutes

Size: 35.4 MB

Hear Craig Schiff speak at the 2008 BPM Summit on the topic of how to identify and reduce BPM risks. In addition to the audio podcast, you can also download the slides that were used. The Vendor Landscape Matrix that is referenced in the presentation is available here. Note: the podcast is a large file so we recommend using 'right-click, save target as ...'


Recent BPM Partners Conferences Include:

10/2003: Penton's BPM Summit, NY

11/2003: BrainStorm Group BI Conference, NY

12/2003: DCI Performance Management, Boston

02/2004: CFO Corporate Performance Management, NY

03/2004: DCI CRM and Analytics, Chicago

04/2004: ASMI Performance Management, Las Vegas

05/2004: TDWI BI/BPM Spring, Boston

05/2004: Mid-market BPM Summit, Dallas

05/2004: DCI CRM and Analytics, NY

06/2004: SMART MFG, Orlando

06/2004: Strategies and Solutions for Performance Management, San  Francisco

07/2004: IT Performance Management Week, Las Vegas

09/2004: BPM Partners Ltd Mini-Conference, London

09/2004: ASMI Healthcare Performance Summit, Boston

09/2004: DCI's BI, DW, and BPM Conference, Boston

10/2004: Financial Services Performance Management Executive Summit, NY

10/2004: Penton's BPM Summit, NY

10/2004: Cognos Tech Seminar: Spreadsheets and Beyond, Sydney/Melbourne

11/2004: BrainStorm BI and BPM, NY

11/2004: ASMI Performance Conference, Orlando

11/2004: Applix TM1 Asia-Pacific User Conference, Sydney

11/2004: e-Financial WorldExpo, Toronto

04/2005: DCI's BI, DW, and BPM Conference, San Diego

04/2005: BrainStorm BI and BPM, Chicago

04/2005: Business Intelligence Forum, Phoenix

04/2005: BPM: Make it Live in 2005, London

05/2005: ASMI Performance Conference, Nashville

10/2005: System Union's Third Annual BPM Forum

10/2005: ASMI Performance Summit and Expo, Phoenix

10/2005: Forecasting Best Practices, Singapore

11/2005: Penton's BPM Summit 2005, Greenwich, CT

05/2006: Systems Union Business Leaders Summit, Sydney, Australia

05/2006: Asian Legal Business Conference, Singapore

05/2006: Longview Dialog 2006, Quebec City

06/2006: CFO Corporate Performance Management, Chicago

08/2006: IDC Business Optimisation Event, Sydney, Australia

10/2006: ASMI Performance Conference 2006, Chicago

10/2006: Penton's BPM Summit 2006, Greenwich, CT

11/2006: CFO Corporate Performance Management, Atlanta

04/2007: Prophix User Conference, Nashville

05/2007: TDWI World Conference, Boston

06/2007: CFO Corporate Performance Management, NY

10/2007: Global Performance Forum 2007, Las Vegas

10/2007: The ASMI Performance Conference 2007, Las Vegas

11/2007: Penton's BPM Summit 2007, Greenwich, CT

02/2008: TDWI World Conference, Las Vegas

04/2008: Beyond Budgeting Roundtable Annual Conference

09/2008: CFO Technology Summit, San Diego, CA

10/2008: Global Performance Forum III, Las Vegas

10/2008: Penton's BPM Summit 2008, Rye Brook, NY

03/2009: Mission-Driven Performance Summit, Washington, D.C.

04/2009: Global Performance Forum IV, Orlando, FL

05/2009: Best Practices in a Time of Uncertainty Seminar Series, MA, NJ, NY, RI


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