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Your BPM project is too important, too costly, and too visible to take that risk.

"There has been a high degree of failure in this space. People either get lost during the implementation phase, or the system gets rolled out and nobody uses it."

Lee Geishecker
formerly of Gartner


"Performance management projects are typically more successful when organizations include experienced performance management specialists on the team. The OLAP Surveys have consistently found that organizations that conduct rigorous multi-product evaluations are markedly more likely to realize business benefits than those that don't. Projects led by specialist consulting firms also had a higher success rate than any others"

Nigel Pendse

former author of The Olap Report

"At the beginning, going to an outside consultant looks like an added expense. But it was the right decision, because BPM Partners saved us much time and money. Often, it is time that is more expensive, but that fact is easily overlooked because time doesn't appear on your profit and loss statement. BPM Partners was key in our selection process; without them, it would have been easy to choose the wrong software."

Tomas de Leon
Chief Financial Officer

(case study)


"Looking back at what we just went through, I would not even think about vendor selection without seeking counsel from experts - in particular experts not locked into a specific vendor or technology. Most consultants were expert in a particular software, but vendor independence is key if you want to navigate through the competitive and diverse BPM market place today."

Robert Tonsmeire

Vice President - Finance

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