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As the economy has continued to improve more companies than ever are moving forward with full or partial business performance management and business intelligence solutions. Whether you are looking to continue your research or aggressively develop a detailed action plan, BPM Partners can help you plan, define, select and implement the solution that meets your specific requirements and budget. Click here to see how we help.


Operational Analysis and Profitability Optimization

  • Are you able to track the fully-burdened profitability of clients, products, business units and regions - beyond simple gross margins?
  • Do you utilize integrated data models for your decision-making that enable value-added analysis?
  • Are departments able to prioritize their efforts, focus on products and services that provide the greatest returns, and identify the areas for most effective cost savings?

BPM solutions for operational analysis have continued to evolve. One of the most developed area and a logical starting point for most companies is sales performance management. Optimizing performance in this area can provide a large and immediate payback. Profitability optimization is a company-wide process that analyzes the true cost of all activities related to the delivery of goods and services and the related revenues. This allows companies to adjust pricing to reflect real costs and to focus limited resources on areas with the greatest potential return.

BPM Partners has helped many companies document their key business issues, define technical requirements, evaluate technology options, and successfully deploy solutions from Oracle, SAP, IBM, Longview, Adaptive Insights, Host Analytics, Axiom Software, Vena Solutions, CCH Tagetik, Prophix and several other providers.

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