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BPM Partners provides a complete range of solution services that address your most complex business performance management (BPM) and related finance transformation challenges. Our solutions can utilize technology from any of the 100+ BPM vendors currently in the market. In some cases, you may be able to address your BPM needs with software you already own. We provide solutions for budgeting/planning/forecasting, financial reporting and consolidation, management/statutory reporting, operational analytics, profitability optimization, governance, risk, and compliance, dashboards, and key performance indicators/scorecards. Many of our fully customizable service packages provide specific deliverables at a very attractive fixed cost. No surprises, just cost-effective on-time results. Remember, nothing is more cost-effective than getting it right the first time.

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Explore our free and fee-based education and research services. You can download any of our performance management whitepapers and get high-level information about selected BPM vendor solutions. For more in-depth information you should consider our Vendor Landscape Matrix. We can also provide a remote or on-site class on any of these topics. Our standard BPM Master Class covers performance management basics, benchmarks, and best practices to get you and your team up to speed and aligned to kick-off your BPM initiative.

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Business Case Development
Whether it is to justify funding, prioritize the project or just set corporate goals this service identifies returns and benefits that are specific to your company.

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Roadmap Workshop
By developing a strategic framework for your BPM initiative, this workshop enables you to assess where you are, determine where you want to go and provide direction on how to get there in the form of a phased roadmap. Without a roadmap it is very difficult to achieve 'the holy grail of BPM': integrating elements of strategic, financial, and operational performance management.

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Financial Process Analysis
Before you implement a new system to automate your financial close or budgeting process you need to optimize the process itself. This service will analyze both the effectiveness and efficiency of your current processes and identify specific areas for improvement.

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Requirements Development

Detailed requirements are essential to find the right solution. A one-page bulleted summary will simply not suffice. Involving the right people in this process is also key to buy-in and utilization down the road. As part of this service we will conduct discovery sessions and review the results with your team to summarize and prioritize overall business requirements while testing for feasibility and potential missed benefits.

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Vendor Selection

Provides proven methodology, tools and expert vendor-neutral guidance to take you through requirements review, vendor fit analysis, RFPs, custom demos and vendor scoring to arrive at the ideal solution while reducing time to payback. Related negotiation guidance will make sure you only buy what you need, and at the best available price.

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Product Implementation

Selecting the right technology is only half the challenge. Getting it successfully implemented and rolled out is just as important and potentially more difficult. BPM Partners' engagement managers and product-specific experts will employ proven best practices from the thousands of implementations they've been involved with to ensure your success.
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Performance Process Review

How will you utilize your performance management system to positively impact company performance? The greatest success comes when individual employees are part of the decision process. This review will analyze your current environment and identify how specifically to utilize performance management technology and techniques to motivate and incentivize employees to achieve your goals.

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Strategic Development

This service can help you develop a new overarching corporate strategy, fine tune an existing one, or simply identify key performance indicators (KPIs) based on your current strategic vision. To be successful, performance management requires that you have clearly communicated strategic objectives and have a way to measure your progress in achieving them This services provides everything you need to do just that.
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Change Management

Unlike most back-office systems, performance management has a far-reaching impact throughout the company. More information is made available to more people than ever before. In some cases, compensation is tied to performance. Some individuals and even some companies are not ready for sharing this much information and having their performance measured at this level of detail. This service, working closely with top management, prepares your company for the transition to a performance-oriented environment and culture.
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Client Quote

"At the beginning, going to an outside consultant looks like an added expense. But it was the right decision, because BPM Partners saved us much time and money. Often, it is time that is more expensive, but that fact is easily overlooked because time doesn't appear on your profit and loss statement. BPM Partners was key in our selection process; without them, it would have been easy to choose the wrong software."

Tomas de Leon
Chief Financial Officer

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